Why a Scientific Committee?

The Scientific Committee takes part in the development of the Festival’s orientations, its issues that can be reached during round-tables and its action plan in both short and the long term.

This committee is made of personalities from a diversity of disciplines: this group of experts is consulted by the Administration Committee. Its independent members do not take part in the management of the Association or the Festival. The Committee gathers under the chairmanship of a leading figure.

The Scientific Committee opens the Festival to the field of research related to the Festival’s themes, while also taking part in the development of its network. Its reflections renown the Festival and also contribute to its status.

Jean Jouzel climatologist, glaciologist and vice-president of the IPCC until 2014, accepted to preside over the committee. He will get together with academics, scientists and renowned experts in the environment, development and communication fields. He will give his support to the new round-tables and the directions that will be prepared by the Festival.


Le conseil est constitué des membres suivants :

> Jean Jouzel, Président du Conseil et prix Nobel avec le Giec en 2007

> Valérie Martin, chef du Service Communication et Information des Publics, ADEME

> Annabelle Jaeger, Vice-présidente de la section de l’Environnement, Conseil économique, social et environnemental

> Akila Nedjar-Guerre, maître de conférence, université de Cergy-Pontoise “Médiatisation de l’écologie”

> Bernard Emsellem, ancien directeur du développement durable et actuel conseiller du Président de la Sncf

> Christian de Perthuis, chaire économie-climat à l’Université Paris-Dauphine



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