The International Festival of audio-visual productions on sustainability and eco-innovations, created by the association "Un Ecran pour la Planète", is organised by the following team:


PRESIDENCY: Georges Pessis

Former head of the FIMAC (International Festival of Corporate Audiovisual Medias) and the INATEC (National Archives of Corporate Audiovisual Medias), Georges has produced and directed over 300 films for international institutions, corporations, and governmental agencies. He is the author of 'Enterprise and Cinema, 100 years of images', 'Corporations and their image', and the 'Bilingual dictionary of audiovisual terms'. He also taught at Paris-Dauphine, Celsa and Insead, and lectured at Stanford University. He is knighted in the Order of Merit and the Order of Arts and Letters.




Producer and Director of the production company that produces NMC in respect of ecology and sustainable development, corporate films, documentaries and advertising for companies and television. He has over 20 years' experience in filming for development aid organisations and non-governmental organisations.




Beginning his career as a journalist, Didier perfected his skills in public relations and joined a large industrial group community to serve as head of corporate communications. After two years as Board Director at Image & Strategy, he created his own communications agency: MediaStyle. Didier graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a BA in History and a holds a Masters in Communication Law.



AUDIT: François Égal

After starting his career as a broadcast photographer in a public company, François eventually joined Gideon & Co, where he produced films for internal and external communication for large public and private accounts. François went on to become Head of Auditoire/Images, the production subsidiary of TBWA events. After twenty years working within large institutions he became Head of Pôle Image, and held the position until 2014. 



COMMUNICATION: Alexandre Pasche

Currently director of Eco & Co, the consulting agency for responsible and green communication, Alexandre's previous experience includes a decade of work as a journalist and strategic planner in large Parisian communications agencies. His work applies the principles of marketing and 'responsible' communications on positive social footprint and eco-design projects. Eco & Co operations incorprate extensive use of social networks and audio-visual media.



COORDINATION: Jonathan Peynet

After obtaining a degree in International Management with an emphasis on Asia and Russia, Jonathan has dedicated himself to environmental causes and audio-visual festival developments in Europe. He joined the Deauville Green Awards Team in 2012 where he works in international development and event coordination.