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Official Partners



The Stor-H technology, developed by AAQIUS, is being used for now, for vehicles that weigh less than one ton, bikes, scooters, motorcycles, small cars, mini trucks for deliveries of less than a kilometre and for all uses on building sites. Whether it is for private ownership vehicles and fleets or shared solutions. Stor-H cartridges, loaded with low-pressure hydrogen, can be used directly in vehicles, as simply as a battery for a flashlight.







French Environment and Energy Management Agency
ADEME is a public agency under the joint authority of the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.
Its Mission : encouraging, supervising, coordinating, facilitating and undertaking operations with the aim of protecting the environment and managing energy.



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Institutional Partners


Bpifrance finances businesses from the seed phase to transfer to stock exchange listing, through loans, guarantees and equity.
Bpifrance accompanies firms in their innovation projects and international activities, in partnership with Business France.
Bpifrance also insures their export activity through a large range of products.

Consulting missions, training days, networking and acceleration programs have become an important part of the offer we propose to entrepreneurs

Thanks to Bpifrance and its 48 regional implantations, entrepreneurs benefit from a unique, close and efficient ally to face all their challenges.



Ministry of Culture


The Ministry of Culture is a key player in building a more sustainable world and a peaceful society that recognizes the diversity of talent. Its many initiatives include support for artistic creation, the higher education of architects, designers and artists, the promotion of sustainable and quality architecture, the protection of historical heritage and sites.

All cultural institutions work together on the Sustainable Development mission; the administration, the regional directorates of cultural affairs, public institutions in their vast variety of trades (museums, castles and estates, theaters, opera houses, dance schools, Art and architecture). Each institution is built upon sustainability; Saving valuable and scarce resources, re-uses and recycles, transports and exchanges, and work together in an ecosystem. The Sustainable Development mission stimulates, animates, coordinates, encourages and highlights all these initiatives.

The field of cinema is essential in building a sustainable society and holds a strong influence on the many audiences it attracts; by the imagination it arouses, by the economic weight it possesses and by the openness to the originality and diversity of the world it offers. . For this reason, we found it important to forge a partnership between the Festival and the Ministry of Culture. In addition to a workshop on these subjects, we offer a Special Prize; "Culture and Sustainable Development". The prize will be awarded for a work that is imaginative, creative and original in its tone and form. We are looking for an artist's point of view and vision of a culture at the heart of sustainable development.





French Ministry of ecology and sustainable development

Unique in Europe, the Ministry aims to help our society face the growing scarcity of natural resources and the climate change. A new social and economic model must be found that integrates the problematics of sustainable development.






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Premium Partners



Enedis is a public utility company providing electricity and developing, using and modernising the electricity grid and all associated services. Independent of energy providers in charge of sales and electricity contracts, Enedis deals with circuits, repairs, meter reading and all technical interventions.







ERDF is a business of public service, manager of the electricity distribution network, which employs 38,000 people.

In the service of 35 million customers, it develops, operates, modernizes 1.4 million kilometers of low and medium voltage electrical networks (220 and 20,000 Volts, and manages the associated data. ERDF performs client connections, troubleshooting 24/7, meter reading and all technical interventions. It is independent of energy suppliers who are responsible for the sale and management of the electricity supply contract.







Opsomai is the leading French company in online video libraries and multimedia libraries thanks to its Full Web 2.0 software "Opsis Media"; the result of 15 years of expertise in the field of audiovisual archives and production. Designed from the ground up to store and upgrade video and multimedia catalogs, Opsis Media maximizes the return on investment of any project to digitize video libraries, corporate multimedia libraries, rush banks, press sites, Video or audio on demand and Web TV ...

Integrated into the technical infrastructure of our customers or operated on our secure hosting platform, Opsis Media meets both the expectations of audiovisual professionals and those of major industrial groups.




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Professional Partners



In the fact of climate change, there is no other choice but to act. The Paris Climate Agreement laid the diplomatic foundation for a zero carbon future. The burden of actualization now rests on governments, corporations, and national actors.

By integrating climate action into their core strategies, corporations and national actors are able to seize numerous opportunities to optimize their operational performance and assure durability for their business model.

The EcoAct Group proposes a range of the highest performing and all-encompassing solutions to help their clients effectively meet the challenges of climate change and achieve carbon neutrality.

With over 12 years experience in strategic development of climate solutions at an international level, the EcoAct Group accompanies leaders in the transformation of their business model to truly make climate action a tool of performance.








Cabinet accountant and auditor, DBF AUDIT has supported its clients for 30 years in their accounting tasks, tax, social and legal. 11 offices, 10 partners and 190 employees in Île-de-France in the service of TPE, SMEs, professionals, associations, EC, public structures. Specialists of creation, transmission and recovery, our main objective: to advise you in maximizing your economic development.






The leading trade show on energy and the environment, Pollutec France has been a source of inspiration for all environmental professionals for 40 years. Since its founding, Pollutec has been a way for these professionals to access solutions and innovations that can meet the environmental challenges they face every day. 

Pollutec includes:

- 2200 exhibiting societies from all sectors 

- 73000 professionals gathering for 4 days

- 200 innovations presented in European and World preview

- 128 countries represented with 613 international exhibitions and 8 669 international visits

- 450 conferences on 14 sectors of environmental activities

For its 28th edition, Pollutec will take place in the 27th and 30th of November 2018 in Lyon, France. 






The Eco&co agency was founded in 2004 by Alexandre Pasche. Its activity is fully dedicated to green and sustainable communication for eco-innovative companies, sustainable local administrations and NGOs. It modus operandi combines creativity, efficiency and social responsibility.





Kapagama is providing the finest production music for audiovisual programs since 1996.
From main stream to eccentric hip hop classical music remixes including 20’s to 80’s archive recordings, our expanding network counts over 40 labels.
With over 300 000 tracks available today we release 20 new albums each month which gives a large choice of music to help you to give the right vibe to your productions, even the craziest!
Numbers make you feel dizzy? No worries, 4 music supervisors are happy to help you find the right music !
And if you only trust yourself, try our online search tool on Kapagama.fr !





NMC Production

NMC produces commercials, corporate films et TV programs. Frequently awarded by film festivals in France and abroad, the company has been producing for 15 years with the same level of demand and creativity.




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Associations & networks


Climate Outreach is a UK-based NGO that specialises in the communication of climate change. Much of climate conmunication is not only ineffective but counterproductive - we conduct academic research into values-based communication which we then translate into practice through guides, workshops and consultancy services.






CarenewsGroup is an editorial agency which accompanies companies, foundations and NGO in their needs in production and broadcasting of contents.
In only 2 years, CarenewsGroup stood out as the best news broadcaster in the world of the general interest. With its participative portal of informationcarenews.com and free quarterly Carenews Journal, CarenewsGroup knew how to federate a whole community of committed actors. The general interest moves, join us!





La Cie des Reals


The Director's Company is a professional association of corporate film directors who simultaneously possess skills in two fields: they are experienced professionals of the medias as well as specialized observers of corporations and organizations.







The CIFFT International Committee of Film Festivals comprises 17 international festivals of corporate, cultural, tourism and documentary films in France, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Usa, Portugal, Rumania, Poland, Serbia, Brazil, Croatia, Latvia, and the Czeck republic . Cifft is supported, among others, by the UNWTO, the United Nations agency promoting sustaining development in travels; ETC, the European Travel Commission for the general promotion of Europe; PACA, the Pacific-Asia association for te promotion of Asia and the Pacific zone etc...


To find out more about the festivals members of CIFFT, click on the link below :




Communication publique


Communication Publique exclusively of managers and communication managers of public institutions. The association works on strategic and operational issues that managers of communication face to help them fulfill their role within their institutions and the recognition by policy makers as an integrated communication and necessary leverage of public action.

Our professionals are at the heart of current changes with managerial dimension to assert, or defend, transformations to accompany and control especially with the digital transition.

Communication Publique was put in a position to meet these challenges and now offers various forms of meetings, openings and reflections.

The association publishes a magazine of reference : Public Speaking





Green Film Network

The Green Film Network is a non-profit cultural association of the major film festivals around the globe focusing on ecological and environmental themes and encouraging initiatives for the preservation of the natural, cultural, social and sustainable development.







EDN - European Documentary Network is a global network for professionals working with documentary film and TV. 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN, and our organisation is open for both newcomers and established filmmakers from around the world.

EDN provides documentary consulting and informs about possibilities for funding, financing, development, co-production, distribution and collaboration across borders. This is done via individual consultancy to members on documentary projects, activities like workshops, seminars and conferences as well as through the two indispensable publications DOX magazine and The EDN Financing Guide, and on-line through www.edn.dk.



Surfrider Foundation is a worldwide not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves and the coastline. Founded in 1990 by a handful of local surfers it gathers today over 9,000 members in Europe and is represented in 14 countries through its chapters of volunteers.




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Press Partners



DIGITAL PRODUCTION is the leading German-language trade magazine that covers the entire range of digital media production and visualisation. The magazine provides sections such as Visual Effects and Animation Techniques as well as Interactive and Industrial Design with additional key supporting information. The target audience consists of both professional and semi-professional creative people and decision-makers in all disciplines of digital media post-production.
DIGITAL PRODUCTION is presenter of the yearly animago AWARD & CONFERENCE, funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg since 2009.








The weekly appearing Filmecho/Filmwoche is the trade magazine for the german film industry. The circle of readers includes a large range of professionals like cinema owners, distributors, film festivals, press agencies and others.







Green Film Shooting is an international magazine as well as an online platform that covers green activities in the film and media world. Sustainable media production involves everything from feature films for theatrical and/or TV release, TV series, and commercials, all the way to broadcast technology, energy-efficient cinemas, and smart IT management, not to mention, on the consumer level, recyclable DVD covers produced without toxic solvents.

Green Film Shooting is also a forum for ambitious and creative professionals in the media to share their experiences, information, ideas, and new approaches. Green Film Shooting magazine is distributed worldwide at international festivals, events as well as by media organizations.




Professional Production


The International Trade Publication PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION offers its readers timely facts, dates, and trends from the industry. The modern layout is comprised of detailed and highly professional reports on film-, TV- and video production, computer animation, broadcast technology, commercial production, media politics, conventions and festivals. There are also sections containing practical information including festival calendars, movie and TV references, production listings, addresses and more.




SOON SOON SOON is a crowdsourced platform that spots and analyses”lifestyle” innovations around the world. Thanks to a network of more than 1,600 trendspotters in 17 countries (designers, architects, strategic planners, PhD students, etc.), SOON SOON SOON detects the best innovations of the moment: new lifestyles, technological innovations that change consumer behaviors, emerging businesses, new relations to body and health, etc. Through its unique network of experts (sociologists, semioticians, philosophers, epistemologists, etc.), SOON SOON SOON analyses all of these innovations to reveal what they tell us about the future.





TOP/COM GROUP is a communication-monitoring platform for active professionals. It covers three major fields of activity: News, Events and Consulting.

The News division – TOP/COM EXPRESSION produces: · A twice-monthly magazine created in 1984 which covers developments in communication, including consumer campaigns or corporate communication. The uniqueness of this magazine is that all the articles in all of the sections are based on interviews shot in our own TV studio. · Interviews carried out by experienced journalists in our studio, which are available via two media: in written form in TOP/COM EXPRESSION magazine and online on topcom.fr The magazine has carried out over 5,000 interviews, talking with a wide range of advertisers and their agencies. Our database of these interviews has been organized by sector and by area of interest, which means we have a unique benchmarking tool available for every area of communication. The print run of the magazine is 5,000 to 15,000 issues, depending on events, and it is regularly sent to 3,600 subscribers. · The daily newsletter, TOP/COM NEWS, covers current events in communication and is sent by email to 40,000 marketing and communication professionals every day. · The "CONNECTED BY TOP/COM EXPRESSION" guide links up advertisers and agencies, with 10,000 advertisers and their contact details listed.

The Events division – “TOP/COM GRAND PRIX Corporate Business and Consumer” distinguishes the work of communication professionals.

The Consulting division – TOP/COM GIBORY enables advertisers to find their agencies and to recruit marketing and communication specialists, while facilitating cooperation between agencies.




UP Magazine


UP le mag is published by the Groupe SOS. The media is available under its printed and digital forms. Every 3 months, the print magazine offers advices, inspiring content and essential information about sustainable development, social innovation and responsible consumption. The website publishes every morning at 7 o’clock a daily article, which aims to inspire its reader 365 times a year for a more connected, sustainable and responsible world.
Up le mag’s ambition is also to highlight as well individual as collective actions.