The 15th Thematic Category

To pay tribute to your dedication and to acknowledge the new challenges and perspectives that have emerged over the past year, discover this 15th thematic category "Beyond Covid" for your film.

It has been a year since our lives changed. The pleasure of living, culture, travel and social interaction have been severely restricted. Working conditions have been disrupted (teleworking, bankruptcies, unemployment) in a difficult social climate.  

But at the same time, we have also witnessed a rebirth of community spirit, a redefinition of our priorities with a new relationship to space and time, to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to others, but also to the common good of health and the environment. This naturally leads to a better understanding of our interactions with ecosystems. How do these changes affect our way of life since the pandemic? And what paths do they suggest for designing a desirable future?

Despite the current difficulties, you have continued to create films on these vital subjects and the festival is committed to helping you to promote your film and your message through this 15th category.