The 2022 international Jury

Spot - Messages courts de sensibilisation
Isabelle Musnik
Isabelle MusnikFounder of INfluencia
Gildas Bonnel
Gildas Bonnel Sidièse Agency
Adélaïde Chassort
Adélaïde ChassortCSR & Innovation Strategist
Zenith (Publicis Media agency)
Sophie Guérinet
Sophie GuérinetCo-founder of
Info - Films d'information, médias audiovisuels des collectivités, entreprises et ONGS
Laurence Rousseau
Laurence RousseauEditor in Chief
Benoît Laignel
Benoît LaignelMember Expert of the IPCC
Santi Valldepérez
Santi ValldepérezDocumentary Producer & Director
Didier Waldung
Didier WaldungGeneral Secretary
Bernard Emsellem
Bernard EmsellemCommunications Expert
Korina Gutsche
Korina GutscheGreen Consulting at BLUECHILDFILM
Monique Barbaroux
Monique BarbarouxDeputy Head
Ministry of Culture and Communication
Philippe Kunter
Philippe KunterCSR Director
Magdalena Dulac
Magdalena DulacPhilologue, in charge of audiovisual
Matthieu Lemaire
Matthieu LemairePresident of the association la Cie des réals
Author, Director, Producer Matt la Prod
Laurent Setton
Laurent SettonGeneral Administrator
Ministry of Social Affairs
Patrice Legendre
Patrice LegendrePresident of
Michael Geidel
Michael GeidelProducer and Co-founder
Green Film Initiative (Germany)
Info - Films d'information, médias audiovisuels des collectivités, entreprises et ONGS
Pascal Grihault
Pascal GrihaultDirector of the "Génération Durable" Film Festival
Aurélie Marx
Aurélie MarxKnowledge Unit ARTE GEIE
Programme Officer
Frédéric Poisson
Frédéric PoissonCité des sciences et de l’industrie, Program Director
Olivier Lerude
Olivier LerudeSenior civil servant in charge of
sustainable development (Ministry of Culture)
Catherine Reichert
Catherine ReichertPositive impact communication
Rodney Rascona
Rodney RasconaDirector (UK)
Christopher Buchholz
Christopher BuchholzActor and director
Morad Aït-Habbouche
Morad Aït-HabboucheInternational reporter and film director
Jutta Scheffer
Jutta SchefferJournalist,
Euronews (GERMANY)
Xavière Farrer Hutchison
Xavière Farrer HutchisonEnvironment & Climate
France Télévisions CSR
Antonio Cadierno Parodi
Antonio Cadierno ParodiDirector, Producer and Distributor
of Social and Anthropological Documentaries
Isabelle Hugues-Wachsmuth
Isabelle Hugues-WachsmuthProject manager Art Impact For Health
World Health Organization
Dominique Martin Ferrari
Dominique Martin FerrariJournalist specialized in
environment and sustainable development
Yves Charmont
Yves CharmontGeneral Delegate
Pascal Moret
Pascal MoretFilm festival programmer, consultant and critic (France)
Thierry Gaudin
Thierry GaudinAuthor and scriptwriter
Birgit Heidsiek
Birgit HeidsiekFilm Journalist
Catherine Puiseux Kakpo
Catherine Puiseux KakpoPresident of the African Agency
for Sustainable Development
Valérie Martin
Valérie MartinHead of Citizen Mobilization and Media Service (SMCM) - ADEME
Julien Tricard
Julien TricardPresident and founder
Media Club Green
Christelle Leroy
Christelle LeroyCSR Director
TF1 Group
Hasan Ugur
Hasan UgurFilm festival programmer, consultant and critic (Germany)
Katja Trippel
Katja TrippelJournalist, Geographer, Curator
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF)
Alexandre Pasche
Alexandre PascheCommunication Manager
Christophe Sommet
Christophe SommetDirector
Ushuaïa TV
Sandra de Bailliencourt
Sandra de BailliencourtExecutive Director
Jean-Baptiste Nicolas
Jean-Baptiste NicolasFounder and President
Hello Planet
Denis Darroy
Denis DarroyDirector
Normandie Images
Benoit Lemennais
Benoit LemennaisEducation Project Manager
of sustainable development
Normandy Region
Machat Binot
Machat BinotJournalist at MOUVEMENT UP
Editor-in-Chief of médias respect
Béatrice Héraud
Béatrice HéraudFreelance journalist and instructor
Sustainable transformation of the economy