Radicalism, heroism and a bit of mysticism

By Alexandre Pasche, director of Eco&co, green and responsible communication

You are in charge of the environment or social responsibility in a company or community. And, that's it, sustainable development has become strategic! In fact, you need to design a video that explains how sustainable development is part of your organization, or even part of its genes.
Yes, but how do you do it? How to ask your communication agency who is not specialized in responsible communication?
Here is a summary of the trends observed in June at the 6th Deauville Green Awards, the festival of green and responsible audiovisual communication.

The end of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now corny in favor of a much more radical and ambitious transformation. Do not talk anymore about "eco-friendly behavior" (switch off the light when going out, make double-sided prints ...) which are now perceived as anecdotal. At the time of "environmental and social transition", businesses and communities must drastically raise their standards.

That's the meaning of the movie « Setting the bar low » from EWG.org. The film, rather hilarious, shows examples of tiny feats since the beginning of the century: jump a bar placed a few inches from the ground, climb a mountain a few meters, compose and interpret a symphony of a few notes etc. The connection with business is explicit: small "voluntary" efforts are paltry. The companies must be fully commited by offering healthier products with the guarantee of a trusted third party, the EWG Verified label for instance.

EWG - Wander - Wander and Larry Shanet - USA

filmDGA17 SettingtheBarLow web


The heroes of everyday life

The trend was already noticeable in 2016. It is now a deep-rooted trend. The time of the denunciation and awareness is over, now it’s time for valorization. The denunciation has been made, awareness is acquired. To get a real mobilization, value those who move for the planet.

That's the meaning of the movie « You are Greenpeace ». It pays tribute to the anonymous people who, through their donations or their commitments with Greenpeace, those who participate anonymously in the preservation of the planet as David "who campaigns for the ban of neonicotinoids".

Greenpeace in Central- and Eastern Europe - Andreas Daxer - Michael Rittmannsberger - Austria

DGA17 filmGreenpeace web

A little of mystic

In the Paleolithic, men considered rivers, mountains, wild boars or mammoths as divinities. It seems that this mystical feeling is reviving today.

This is what strikes in the film « Hiking Miracles » dedicated to the GR 20 trail. The documentary tells the communion between the grandiose landscapes of the Corsican mountain and an inexperienced young hiker. The striking beauty of landscapes, music and hikers share a true mystical experience with the public.

Michal Janos - Beauty of Adventure - Czech Republic

filmDGA17 HikingMiracles

Article published in the magazine Décisions Durables n ° 32 September 2017.