Workshops on climate change communication


On both days of the festival, the 27th and the 28th of June, the UK-based organization, Climate Outreach, will host workshops on how to use visuals in order to communicate the problem of climate change effectively.


Since 2004, Europe’s leading climate communication organization dedicates itself to making people understand, accept and act upon the impacts of climate change. In their latest project “Climate Visuals” the organization shows, based on scientific research, what kind of imagery works and which does not when it comes to pointing out the dangers and difficulties linked to extraordinary weather conditions.


The workshops will provide all festival-goers with more information on how to catch a viewer’s attention in regard to the issues linked to climate change and how to not merely shock the audience, which, according to Climate Outreach, is more off-putting than engaging to the viewer, but rather to motivate people to do their part when it comes to the protection of the environment.


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