Jean-Louis Étienne, sponsor of the 2018 edition


Jean-Louis Étienne got interested in medical matters and human psychology in extreme conditions. In order to further his research, he participated in several expeditions in Himalaya, Greenland and Patagonia.  He was a team mate on the Pen Duick VI under Éric Tabarly for its race around the world in 1977–78.


He is well known for his expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica, with scientific as well as pedagogical goals, which attracted media coverage, disseminating knowledge and research, and promoting protection of the environment. He became famous with the feat of the 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, a 6,300 km crossing on foot, with dogs, of the Austral continent.


This famous explorer always committed himself with anture protection and fight against climate change.


It is an honour for us to welcome him as main sponsor of this 2018 edition!



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