Young Creative Awards

Introducing the international jury and finalists of the Young Creative Awards 2021.

The festival believes that storytelling has the power to change the world and in the context of a climate crisis, who better to tell these stories than the voices of today’s youth?

In March, we announced the return of The Young Creative Awards: a competition honoring the dedication of young filmmakers who are using the power of purpose-driven storytelling to raise awareness and call to action for climate change and the destruction of ecosystems. 

Inspired by the Fridays For Future movement and its creator Greta Thunberg, the festival believes that it is impossible to solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. So we invited independent filmmakers under the age of thirty to create films that challenge political actors and mobilize citizens. 

The Young Creative Awards has since received more than 450 film submissions from 62 countries around the world! It has been truly incredible to witness the engagement and creativity of so many young people on such a global scale and we would like to thank everyone who shared their work with the festival.

As you can imagine, choosing from this great selection of films was a real challenge, so to decide the winning film the festival has called upon the expertise and experience of eight inspiring jury members, who are all dedicated to environmental activism through active change-making and immersive storytelling.


The Young Creative Awards Jury 


Magali Payen

As producer and founder of the “On est prêt” movement, which creates inspiring content to raise awareness and mobilize individuals to take action for environmental and social issues, Magali Payen is an activist and media expert! With this great insight and audiovisual industry experience, we are delighted to introduce Magali Payen as the President of the Young Creative Awards jury. 

Melati Wijsen

You will likely know Melati Wijsen for founding the youth-driven “Bye Bye Plastic Bags​” movement at the age of 12 with her younger sister, which has since successfully banned the use of single-use plastic items on their home island Bali. Melati’s commitment to activism continues through YOUTHTOPIA, a project which aims to empower young people to become changemakers through education. Melati continues to advocate for change alongside the 100+ YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth Members from around the world!

Alexis Le Rossignol

Comedian and humorist, Alexis Le Rossignol is using his platform to engage with environmental issues.

Afsaneh Rafii

As the Founder and Editor in Chief of Icarus Complex Magazine, a bi-annual independent publication that offers an in-depth review of the issues and solutions surrounding climate change, Afsaneh Rafii is no stranger to the power of storytelling as a force for change. 

Icarus Complex Magazine aims to dissect humanity’s icarus complex: “this idea that we have jumped off a cliff, mid-flight and confident in our own momentum, but in denial about the impending crash if we do not change course”.

Hugo Viel

Hugo Viel is a climate activist and has been involved with NGOs and youth-led activist organizations such as CliMates for over 2 years.

Victor Pailhac

At just 19 years old, philosophy student Victor Pailhac is running as a regional candidate in Ile-de-France. As a member of the political party Ecological Revolution for the Living (REV), Victor is simultaneously standing up against the climate crisis and the underrepresentation of youth in politics.

Chelsie Xavier-Blower

Inspired by stories of the earth and how people are intricately connected to it, Chelsie is an outdoor and environmental filmmaker and photographer who has worked with National Geographic and SeaLegacy and holds an H.B.Sc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Now freelancing, Chelsie aims to "share the stories that drive and move us, and connect us all back to our ever-changing world". 

Solal Moisan

A filmmaker committed to driving change, Solal Moisan is working with the“On Est Prêt” movement and has recently announced the launch of his film series "Pensée Sauvage" with climate activist Camille Étienne, which explores the significance of art in the fight against climate change.


The 3 Finalist Films

Together, the jury has watched the 30 selected films and in a virtual meeting held by the President of the Jury, Magali Payen, have finally deliberated on the finalist films of the Young Creative Awards 2021.

You can discover each of the finalist films by visiting our YouTube channel!



Director: Engin Ökmen

Synopsis: "Three friends have to pay the price of environmental pollution, just like other marine animals".



Directors: Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoe Devise

Synopsis: "Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate".


Painting by Numbers

Director: Radheya Jegatheva

Synopsis: "A child's encounter with classic masterpieces triggers a confronting epiphany". 


Announcement of the winner

The winning film will be announced on Wednesday, 16 June at 18:00 CEST, at the dedicated awards ceremony as part of the "New Visions for Tomorrow" sequence at the 10th edition of the Deauville Green Awards. 

You can watch the ceremony LIVE on Facebook and YouTube! Be sure to follow the Facebook event for the latest updates and the link to the Livestream! 

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