How to become a glyphosate supervillain!

Competition : INFO competition
Category : Health and quality of life
Country : AUSTRIA
Producer : GLOBAL 2000
Director : Nikolai Miron
Lenght : 00:02:54
Trophée Or


An international corporation veils that its pesticide glyphosate is carcinogenic. European regulatory agencies rely on this corporation and not do their job, which is to control. Instead, they discredit independent studies that prove: glyphosate causes cancer. And all so that a pesticide will be approved again in the EU, which should'nt be approved for use by law. Do


The pesticide glyphosate is going to re-approved for sale again the the European Commission - although independent research and the World Health Organization say that glyphosate causes cancer.  How can this happen? We show it in this clip. We hope that many more people get active, make a stand against supervillain and say NO to glyphosate!