Competition : INFO competition
Category : Disability, diversity, solidarity
Agency : SQUIRE
Sponsor : Red Dirt Road Inc., NFP
Director : Rodney Rascona
Lenght : 00:14:05
Grand prix


RED DIRT ROAD follows the life of Hab Saly, a young woman who believed there was more to life than working so hard for so little, in the oppressive garment factories in Phnom Penh. With a backdrop of the 1974 Khmer Rouge atrocities that permanently scared Cambodian life, Saly's vision is equally full of dreams for her future and the never-to-be forgotten ghosts from the past. Overcoming multiple odds and with minimal education, Saly was determined to learn how to be a seamstress, to chase her dreams and return to a simple, peaceful life in the jungle with her family.  Her world soon changed when life brought first world women to her village who wanted to help developing world women... enjoy a better life.  We lift the veil to the lives of humble yet very courageous women living in the jungles of rural Cambodia, who with western women as loving mentors, help Saly realize her dreams, let go of her ghosts, and become part of a vast global sisterhood where everything is possible.


Many initiatives within the developing world possess few marketing resources to reach outside markets - often beginning and closing in silence. This film primarily raises awareness, provides a communications tool to help connect the source with the end consumer, while ensuring that truth and honesty is maintained in the message, and that dignity is preserved for these humble women as they allow us into their lives. Secondly we're helping global consumers, change makers...understand the power their purchases have in changing lives. In this spirit we want to inspire others to play their part, to seek more information not just about our products but the world around us. The film goes beyond the mechanism to sell a product. We experience a more intimate view of those living on this planet with us, in their own voice, recognizing that we're all created equal, that regardless of borders or cultures, we all should enjoy unalienable rights to a life rich with love and respect for one another.