Competition : INFO competition
Category : Innovation and technology
Country : GERMANY
Sponsor : OTT Hydromet GmbH
Producer : NCP Films
Director : Klaus Umfahrer
Lenght : 00:03:34
Trophée argent


Since the teaser is not yet published (because the produkt website is in progress)


We think a unexciting, functional product needs a spectacular scenery. Because Pluvio is a high-priced product and the flagship- product of OTT Hydromet Company our idea it was to create a professional high quality film layout which is otherwise only found in TV Commercials or cinema - entertaining and easy to look at but also serious. In this layout we integrated all technical features which are important and interesting for professionals and which are better and different to competitors. This teaser intended to inspire curiosity about Pluvio a very specific audience (authorities, institutions, cities, municipalities) and the audience to lure to a specific product page.