Bio Fuels

Competition : INFO competition
Category : The energy transition / renewable energies
Producer : Shell International
Director : Chandi Jayawickrama
Lenght : 00:07:35


By 2021 the Thai government wants a quarter of its energy  to come from renewable sources. So in 2012, Shell and Patum Vegetable Oil in Thailand started the sustainable palm oil project.  They wanted the palm oil farmers, mills and refineries to benefit from improved agricultural practices whilst protecting the land, the environment and local communities. 800 farmers are now certi


Primary audience: The film was made for both the Thai media and then amplified on social media for global audiences.  Why was this film made? It was made to highlight Shell's commitment to meet Asia's increasing energy demands in the transport sector by encouraging the cultivation and use of sustainable biofuels.  Helping to  lower CO2 emissions in Thailand.