SPACE REPORTERS - Solar Power Station

Competition : INFO competition
Category : The energy transition / renewable energies
Country : FRANCE
Sponsor : CICC
Producer : OXBOX Productions
Director : Hélène Guetary
Lenght : 00:02:08
Trophée argent


The Series : The SPACE REPORTERS take on human form and travel from another galaxy to investigate the state of the blue planet ...  They explore how human knowledge has impacted the earth. From the mutations of the oceans to energy challenges, what are men's solutions for the future of their planet? The episode : The Earthlings' energy needs have escalated exponentially, using up their reserves of fossil fuels fast? They imagine an ex


SPACE REPORTERS is a family oriented edutainment project for a sustainable world. The short film series present two minute films tackling challenges facing us in the 21st century in an entertaining and condensed way. It marries animation with documentary sequences.