OWA, the new printer cartridge solution for responsible businesses

Competition : INFO competition
Category : Conscious consumption and eco-labels
Country : FRANCE
Agency : Nude
Sponsor : Armor
Producer : Nude
Director : Mathieu Mayadoux
Lenght : 00:02:39
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For the first time, a French eco-industry has created a printing solution within the circular economy. Armor launched OWA, the first brand that allows the user to behave in a completely environmentally friendly manner. From the outside, OWA is a Laser printer cartridge just like any other. It is a product that assures top quality printing results, and it is suitable for almost all installed printer bases. Classic, so far. And yet it is so much more. By buying an OWA cartridge, the user is guaranteed to make budget savings of 30%, and after use, each cartridge will be collected and sorted to ensure that it has been perfectly recycled. As a priority,