The Moose Detective

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Combating and adapting to climate change
Country : GERMANY
Sponsor : Federvieh
Producer : Federvieh
Director : Heiko De Groot
Lenght : 00:52:28
Trophée argent


I first visited Öland many years ago and fell in love with it instantly. Even though Sweden retains many of Europe's large predators, like the wolf and the bear, many people would agree that the most iconic species of all is the moose. This majestic and imposing animal is regarded with admiration and awe, so when I first discovered that the moose population is threatened by mysterious causes, I decided to get in touch with the scientists behind this research to find out more. This is how I met Fredrik and his colleagues, a dedicated team of passionate people who devote all their energy and time to solve the mystery of the declining moose population. As a producer and director I am interested in the stories of people  just like them, who get involved in a project because of love, who have to face daily difficult