planet e. Operation Earth Climate

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Combating and adapting to climate change
Country : GERMANY
Producer : ZDF German TV
Director : Mr. Raimund Waltenberg
Lenght : 00:28:48
Trophée argent


Humankind is heating up the planet, global warming is apparently undeniable. Action tackling the impact of global warming is required and the challenge to adapt climate change raises new ideas. Should we try to cool the climate with technology on land, in the oceans and in the atmosphere? Different adapting measures copying nature phenomena and environmental innovations could make the earth a big lab. Is spraying sulfuric solutions into the atmosphere or planting billions of trees every year by drones a balancing act between risk and opportunity?  


Operation Earth Climate wants to stimulate the discussion about adapting mechanisms on climate change on a scientific base.