Competition : Docu competition
Category : Disability, diversity, solidarity
Country : FRANCE
Director : Frédérique BEDOS
Lenght : 01:46:19
Trophée argent


This documentary raises our awareness that gender inequality permeates the world, from North to South, from westernized cities to the most remote villages ? it exists globally. Even worse, despite the number of improvements that have taken place in recent decades, the harsh reality is that gender equality is declining. Across ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, class, religion, education level, and international borders, the victims are women, mothers, daughters, sisters etc.? By painting a powerful picture of women's true history, this film makes us mindful of the real historical, political and economic discrimination issues to which women are subject everywhere. Through a collection of powerful testimonies,?WOMEN AND MEN? renders us conscious of the fact that the key to facing the challenges of our times is achieving gender equality. The producer and director of this documentary, Frédérique Bedos, shares with us her conclusions after one year of studying this issue globally. In fron


In a world where we see fear and violence wrapped in cynicism every day, our tendency is to gradually give up. Regrettably. However, we can also resist. And that is the very purpose of the Humble Heroes Project, a.k.a. Le Projet Imagine. The aim of the Humble Heroes project is to raise awareness, hand in hand with the media, about the urgent need to save not so much the world, but rather the beauty of the world! Because, of course, the world will survive. But what condition will it be in? That's the real issue. The Humble Heroes project is an informational[SS1]  NGO whose purpose is to inspire to action. With a mindset that is resolutely turned towards the future, our films show the urgency of taking on the issues ourselves, to take back our lives and our destinies, and get involved wherever we are, with our skills and with whatever resources we have.  Our ambition is to broadcast these films in the world's media to create a real contagion: the Imagine Movement. On a large scale, seein