Baby boom child

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Demographic transition and dependency
Country : SWEDEN
Producer : Maja Lindström Produktion
Director : Maja Lindström
Lenght : 00:25:11
Trophée argent


In 2015 it is estimated that the total world oil production - our most important energy resource, has steadily begun to decline. Yet there is surprisingly little debate over the fact that today's economy, food production and infrastructure as well as alternative energies requires cheep fossil fuel. The title of the film refers to the children of the huge generation born in the 21 century, whom will grow up post Peak Oil, in a world characterized by shortages.  Working with the script we came to the conclusion that It would be a compelling way to get through with dry facts if they were translated into an emotional dialogue. We also figured that the aesthetic of animation could attract people that otherwise would not search this information.