Making an Ancient Forest

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Preserving biodiversity
Country : AUSTRIA
Sponsor : Science Vision Filmproduction
Producer : Science Vision Filmproduction
Director : Rita Schlamberger
Lenght : 00:52:15
Trophée argent
The Special Award of the students of l'Ecole des Métiers de l'environnement (EME)


This 4K-documentary travels deep into the remote forests of the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria ? the largest area of wilderness in the Alps. Abandoned and unmanaged by man for close to a quarter of a century, the forest's dramatic cycle of growth and decay now rules the landscape. What appears at first to


After unorthodox conservation efforts were undertaken by the Kalkalpen National Park (Austria), the dramatic cycle of growth and decay unleashed a series of complex forest dynamics revealing species' creativity and intelligence and unlikely partnerships that have created the now thriving, ancient forest ecosystem and lured the lynx to reestablish itself after 115 years of absence.