Amur - Asia's Amazon: Ep.01 - The Far East

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Sustainable agriculture
Country : AUSTRIA
Sponsor : Terra Mater Factual Studios
Producer : A Co-production of Terra Mater Factual Studios, Interspot Film and NDR Naturfilm Doclights in association with ARTE France
Lenght : 00:50:01
Trophée argent


The Amur's coastal delta is one of the richest coastal eco-systems on earth. Nourished by the mighty river's enormous sediment load, the Sea of Okhotsk is a marine hotspot of biodiversity with arctic and subtropical species living side by side. Likewise, the land of Russia's Far East is a unique meeting place of northern and southern plants and animals, boasting the planet's most diverse woodlands. These wildwoods are still inhabited by Amur tigers, Asian black bears, brown bears, Siberian and sikha deer, sables and otters and countless species of wetland birds. And they are home t