FREIGHTENED The Real Price of Shipping

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Transport & Eco Mobility
Country : SPAIN
Producer : Polar Star Films
Director : Denis Delestrac
Lenght : 01:23:12
Trophée Or


FREIGHTENED - The Real Price of Shipping, reveals in an audacious investigation the mechanics and perils of cargo shipping; an all-but-visible industry that relentlessly supplies 7 billion humans and holds the key to our economy, our environment and the very model of our civilisation.


The idea of making a film about sea shipping came to me after investigating where the clothes I was wearing really came from. After several months,  I discovered what's really behind the ?made in?-label: Shipping pollutes much more than is generally assumed (1 ship pollutes as much as 50 million cars), the monopoly of the entire world industry is dominated by a handful of magnates and flags of convenience make it possible for big companies to employ seamen that work in slave-like labour conditions.  As all embracing and of crucial importance as the topic might be, there seemed to be no documentaries made that show in a clear and impacting way how the shipping industry affects every facets of the lives of almost everybody on this planet. I hope this film helps to shed some light on this part of our globalized society and inspires a change in our habits as consumers, to turn the tide and create a more sustainable development scheme.