L'Écume de la Terre II

Competition : Docu competition
Category : Ecotourism and sustainable travel
Country : FRANCE
Producer : RVB Prod
Director : Hervé BERNARD
Lenght : 00:25:30
Trophée Or


Mais où est le péril, / Là croit aussi ce qui sauve. - Hölderlin ?This planet is not terra firma. It is a delicate flower and it must be cared for. It's lonely. It's small. It's isolated, and there is no resupply. And we are mistreating it. Clearly, the highest loyalty we should have is not to our own country or our own religion or our hometown or even to ourselves. It should be to, number two, the family of man, and number one, the planet at large. This is our home, and th


Ce film parle de la pollution de l'eau à un niveau local et des implications globales de ces pollutions. L'Ecume de la Terre II est associé à une exposition de photos intitulées L'Ecume de la Terre I partiellement exposée au 6e Forum Mondial de l'Eau en 2012.