Competition : SPOT competition
Category : Ecotourism and sustainable travel
Producer : Who's mcqueen picture GmbH
Director : Jyri Pasanen
Lenght : 00:01:53
Trophée argent


Director Jyri Pasanen and dop Ralf Baetschmann set out for the Himalaya to capture the magic of the Great Himalaya Trails on film. Shot in wide scope format they portrait people, culture and nature of Nepal. The result are spectacular and atmospheric images. With our contribution to tis low budget project we also want to help the maltreated country that was struck by an earthquake in May 2015. Adventurers and


Explore the grandeur of the Himalayas, experience the hospitality of rural villages and challenge yourself with rugged adventures. Be inspired to create your own extraordinary journey on the Great Himalaya Trails. Moreover, this spot reaches out to those who are willing to help a country struck by an earthquake to get back on its feet by visiting.