Karma Chakhs SPOT

Competition : SPOT competition
Category : Conscious consumption and eco-labels
Country : GERMANY
Producer : ChristianFischerFilm
Director : ChristianFischerFilm
Lenght : 00:01:08
Trophée argent


A fifty-member team. Hundreds of working hours. No budget. No profit. KARMA CHAKHS, the fair-trade sneakers are brought onto the big screen now: In a high-end commercial spot directed and produced by Christian Fischer, they jump and fly over the screen. A parcour-artist makes his way with breakneck yet feathery jumps through a concreted city. Every time he touches the asphalt with with Karma Chakhs, new life arises. The seemingly unalterable world is changed by a single person all of a sudden. Just like the Karma Chakhs, the spot was produced without a client, investors, production companies and profit-seeking PR agencies. It makes a statement: Everyone involved in creating this piece of art worked voluntarily in order to see this vision come to life. They all share the belief in a better world and want to take their part in re-shaping it. This spot is more than just a spot. And the Karma Chakhs? They are... NOT JUST A SHOE!   


This No-budget but high-end spot wants to spread the idea of funky Sneakers ?crowd?uced with: NO PLASTIC / NO EXPLOITATION / NO CHILD LABOUR / NO BAD KARMA Berlins Karma-Chakhs-innovator Van Bo Le